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The answer is NO per the Chief Executive Officer Administration Central Pension Fund. The Central Pension is not considering mergers at this time nor do we expect to consider any future mergers for the next 3-5 years. We are in the midst of an RFP to replace our current benefit administration software system to improve member services. We anticipate the migration from our current system to a new system will be difficult enough without having to also consider additional programming necessary or data cleansing to implement a merger of another plan. 

Also, unless a plan is fully funded, we do not consider any merger which may have an adverse impact on the Fund’s projected PPA Funding percentage or our surplus of assets over Vested Benefit Obligations.

We also checked with the Central Pension Fund in February of 2019 to see if a merger was possible to remain proactive and that answer was also no at that time.

The fact that the opposing slate is saying we can do this is an outright lie and is dangerous misinformation all to lead members into voting for them.

The nomination for the entire slate of officers will take place at the June 11, 2021 union meeting at the St. Louis Union Hall.

Ballots will be mailed out to you in July and counted before the August union meeting. The dates for this process will be set by the election commissioners.

Per the International Constitution Election of Officers, Article XXIV, Subdivision 1, Section (e)

Where all candidates duly nominated to Local Union elective office are unopposed for election, a Local Union may dispense with a secret ballot vote and, in such event, the Local Union may direct the Recording-Corresponding Secretary to cast one ballot for the nominees, who shall be declared duly elected to their office. 

In 2015 and 2018 there was no opposition. The process described above is what occurred per our union’s constitution. Our I.U.O.E. constitution is very important to our slate as we want to uphold the rules to keep our union strong. For anyone to say that we have not been elected to office is not only a lie but a backhanded refutation of our constitution. 

Yes. Members of the Progress Through Truth Slate were last elected in 2018.

To fail to fill the office by appointment would mean the officers of Local 513 are not doing their constitutional duties

I.U.O.E. Constitution, Article XXIV, Subdivision 1, Section (f)

A vacancy in any office shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term thereof, upon vote of a majority of the following officers, viz: President, Vice President, Recording-Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and the Business Manager, where the Local Union has such a position.

The officers of 513 took an oath to uphold the I.U.O.E. constitution. If they did not fill a vacancy they would not be fulfilling their constitutional duties.

Answer: No. The Welfare Fund, Pension Fund, Annuity Fund, and Vacation Fund are all separate entities, and the assets of each fund can only be used to benefit the participants and beneficiaries participating in each fund.

To take assets from one fund and give them to a completely separate fund would be a violation of the law and would get the Trustees sued for a breach of fiduciary duty. 

Contributions rates for each of the funds are set through collective bargaining. You can’t change the rates being contributed to each fund without reopening the collective bargaining and renegotiating those rates. When you reopen the collective bargaining agreement, you open the entire agreement.

The membership can and does vote on how increases are allocated among the funds but can’t vote to move part of the contribution from one fund to another.

In 2011 the Welfare Fund was in distress. A contribution increase of $1.71 was made, which took 56 cents an hour off our members’ checks. This, along with plan changes, were made to help the Welfare Fund recover to where it is today. Today our Welfare Fund is stable.

No reputable insurance carrier is going to give a competitive quote for a single year. The Trustees have our insurance experts shop our insurance every three years. Changing carriers every year is not advised by the funds’ professionals. It would cause a lot of confusion, frustration, and difficulty for our members. Shopping each year would not result in our members getting the competitive quotes we deserve.

Our Funding Improvement Plan (FIP) adopted during the 2012-2013 plan year is working. Our pension is now over 80% funded as of  May 1, 2021. That puts our pension in the desired ‘green zone’ three years ahead of schedule (May 1, 2021, instead of May 1, 2024).

Our annuity follows a fiscal year. That fiscal year begins May 1st and ends April 30th the following year. 

At the end of the 2019 calendar year (December 31, 2019) the stock market was high and our return was over 10%. When the COVID-19 global pandemic started in March of 2020 the market took a major and record nosedive. Since our annuity plan fiscal year ends on April 30 of each year, the market did not recover in just over a month. Our plan invests in many long-term investments where there is less risk for our members and we were able to bounce back better than most and still have a positive return of .79% as opposed to a negative return. 

There has been a lot of misinformation being talked about in regards to our annuity that it was at an all-time high because the market was at an all-time high at the end of 2019. Yes, the market was at a high in December of 2019 but our fiscal year ended on April 30, 2020, not December 31, 2019.

The annuity plan is a qualified Defined Contribution Retirement Plan and is governed by the rules, laws, and regulations established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL). These rules, laws, and regulations require that the plan meet specific requirements in order to maintain a qualified status. 

The annuity plan is a qualified Defined Contribution Retirement Plan the IRS determines when distributions can occur. The annuity plan is a retirement plan intended to supplement the members’ retirement income. It has never been or allowed to be used as a savings account or be used for miscellaneous expenses or needs. 

The plan has specific rules regarding when a member is eligible to withdraw their money because the plan must prove compliance with the IRS rules, laws, and regulations. These rules must be followed.

There are several ways members can take a more active role with 513. We highly recommend attending our union meetings. We also recommend talking to your Business Agent about any needs you may have. 

The business of OUR union is an open and transparent process. Not only does our slate adhere to our constitution and by-laws but we continue to try and go above and beyond to enhance membership participation – including things like launching our 513 APP to improve communication during times when in-person meetings were not possible due to health department laws.

Our union is a democracy and our slate encourages our members to take part in the union. Our phones and doors are always open to the members we are proud and humbled to serve.